Our Team

Originally founded by Terry Howerton and Fred Hoch in 2007, our team has grown to dozens of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

What We Value


We value entrepreneurs, the fearless that shake up the status quo, and ask, “what if?”. We surround ourselves with these people. Smart and inquisitive people, problem solvers who dive in the deep end and figure things out on their way up. Like bold engineers adapting technology in new ways and lifelong entrepreneurs who set out to reinvent an entire industry.  We value these people because TechNexus supports these leaders.


We value diverse perspectives — bringing together people with different experiences, backgrounds, and ideas is crucial to innovate. Without appreciating other points of view, you’ll never have a shot at getting the full picture. A thriving ecosystem is enriched by diversity and inclusivity. We value perspective because TechNexus will always strive to see the whole picture through a variety of prisms. 


We are force multipliers–for corporations, ventures, and investors. We value the momentum, tenacity, and execution that disrupts inertia. Creators who take action based on a need, an underserved market, and intuition, not a “how-to” guide. It’s making no small plans. A sustainable impact that ripples out beyond the current view; partnering closely with others or developing unique solutions that add value to customers’ lives. We value impact because TechNexus creates impact.    


We value execution because ideas without follow-through are just hallucinations. We partner with and support people who are imbibed with attitudes towards action. Whether it’s launching a new product or evolving their go-to-market strategy, every move is a focused effort on getting things done. Sure, mistakes will happen along the way, but as long as you continue to execute and not just pontificate, innovation will happen. We value execution because TechNexus knows how to execute.  


At our core, we’re collaborators. We know the collective experience is greater than the sum of the parts. We value the power and possibility that lives within a global ecosystem. A community unbound by four walls or a postal code, but one that is widespread and far-reaching. Helping to build Chicago’s now thriving tech community and the next generation of entrepreneurs, we consistently support our community and advocate for collaborative approaches to solve problems, highlight opportunities, and spark innovation. Not only locally but in every realm we engage, we value community because TechNexus partners with corporations who understand their future lies in their own ecosystems.


We are better together.  We’re a team of strategists, entrepreneurs, connectors, contributors, community leaders, advocates, allies, cheerleaders, music lovers, thinkers, dreamers, comedians, travelers, doers, and achievers working together to blaze new paths into the future for our partners and the ventures we empower.  We value our team, because none of this is possible without working together.