Andrew Wolohan

Vice President, Venture

I enjoy working with startups, tackling ambitious problems, and guiding startups toward new growth avenues.  That’s one of the many reasons I feel deeply committed (and challenged!) in my role at TechNexus. 

As Vice President of Venturing, I’m responsible for leading both venture investment activity and corporate innovation strategy, blending the seemingly disparate worlds of startup and large enterprise.

Prior to joining TechNexus, I completed my MBA from The University of Chicago while working part-time at OCA Ventures, where I was introduced to the world of venture. Earlier in my career, I led commercial due diligence and growth strategy engagements at Stax, a boutique strategy consulting firm specializing in M&A due diligence for private equity and global corporations. I completed my undergraduate studies at The University of Notre Dame.

Outside of work, I enjoy swimming, running, and competing in triathlons. Partly to fuel those activities, I stay busy in my ongoing quest to find the best fried chicken, pizza, and falafel (and probably most other foods you’re thinking of) in the city. I consider myself a longtime sneaker-head and will always make time to chat sneakers. 

If you’re building an interesting company that is industry-focused with applications relevant to enterprise, I’d love to hear from you.