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We’ve incubated hundreds of ventures, advised dozens of corporations on growth and innovation strategy, and we’re now one of the most active venture investors in the country.  Below you’ll find the latest news from our portfolio companies, our broader ecosystem, and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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TechNexus Venture Collaborative forms a Joint Venture with THOR Industries to Drive Forward the Future of the RV Industry
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The answer to exponential corporate growth 📈

Using a conventional approach, corporations are paying more than they should to develop new products, markets, or revenue streams. Capital can be employed much more effectively using something like Branch Rickey’s farm system.

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Why Venture Collaboration is the Future of Corporate R&D

What can venture capital firms offer startups? Money, foremost. Mentorship, usually. Publicity, street cred, and validation are typically part of the deal. What’s missing in the traditional VC model may be why many startups fail: critical strategic services. Instead, early …

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TechNexus Venture Collaborative’s Cristin Pacifico Spotlight Q&A with Chicago:Blend
Welcome to the Team: Meet Joey, Matt, Olivia & Erin
Q&A with TechNexus’ Summer Undergraduate Interns
On Supply Chain Tech: Why TechNexus Invested in Geomiq and Partium
On Electrification: Why TechNexus Invested in Bluedot and SixWheel
Sea Machines featured in Vox’s Recode Article: “The Unsinkable Potential of Autonomous Boats”
A July 2022 Update from TechNexus Venture Collaborative
A June 2022 Update from TechNexus Venture Collaborative
You’re Hired! Welcome Kelly Wyman
An April 2022 Update from TechNexus Venture Collaborative
Beyond your Driveway: The Electrification Movement is EVerywhere
A March 2022 Update from TechNexus Venture Collaborative
Investing with Speed, Powered by Collaboration: Announcing Our Investment in C360
TechNexus Portfolio Venture AssemblyAI snags $28M for all-in-one API to transcribe, summarize and moderate audio
TechNexus Adds Multi-faceted ESports Organization, Beastcoast, to Portfolio