Eliminating the Friction of Vehicle Sales

Caramel is revolutionizing how people buy and sell cars by making the entire experience safe, simple, and sweet. Franchise dealers dominate the 1 trillion dollar US car industry, but the rest are not equipped with adequate tools. Caramel has built the platform and partnerships to solve these issues, ensuring that private parties and independent dealers—who represent nearly half of all car sales with over 24 million transactions annually—are no longer underserved and ill-equipped.

Caramel condenses the traditionally lengthy and complex used car transaction process into just five minutes. From negotiation to signing title transfers, the platform digitizes and streamlines every step, including DMV work, financing, payment, and delivery. Any buyer, any seller, any car—Caramel handles it all. This comprehensive digital-only experience eliminates the need for multiple third-party sources, which are often unavailable online.

This strategic investment offers significant promise by leveraging dealers, marketplaces, and online websites for broad distribution globally. Caramel’s innovative approach transforms the industry, leading to a better consumer experience and greater transaction volume. It also bridges access to credible national finance and insurance partners who have been largely unavailable to independent dealers and peer-to-peer customers.

Caramel’s co-founders, Craig Nehamen and Edward Brojerdi, are industry veterans with a history of leadership at the automotive FinTech startup, Fair.com. We are proud to join co-investors FJ Labs, Hearst Ventures, Zeev Ventures, Primera Capital, and Audeo Ventures in backing Caramel.

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