When you stop growing, you start dying

Corporations who want to grow and remain relevant, partner with us to drive insight, products, and new opportunities.

Corporates need ventures for insights and growth

Market research and R&D aren’t enough anymore.  There’s too much innovation coming from too many directions for internal teams to see and respond to it all.

And whatever idea a corporation wants to exploit, there are already ventures pursuing it with greater funding, focus, and flexibility.

But by engaging ventures, corporations gain strategic insights into emerging technologies and shifting markets, and enable new growth opportunities.

Most corporations engage ventures the wrong way

Although they recognize the need to work with ventures, most corporations don’t know how to go about doing it and stumble into “innovation theater” with hack-a-thons, pitch days, and Silicon Valley field trips.

These approaches don’t produce results because they’re short-lived and unstructured.

It takes an Ecosystem

The surest way to get real growth from ventures is to develop a bespoke ecosystem.

  • One corporation engaging a dozen or more ventures
  • Connected through small investments
  • Across multiple areas
  • All aligned to the corporation’s objectives and strategy

This approach establishes the breadth, scale, and sustainability needed for real collaboration and real results.

Benefits of this Collaborative Model

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Start with as few as a dozen ventures and expand as your outcomes require 

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Access our network of 3,000 global organizations to access the most relevant and promising ventures

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You can build the invested ecosystem while driving collaboration and your narrative in 18 months

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Aligned Incentives

It’s a true partnership where we only win when you win

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Entrepreneurial Perspective

You engage a team of entrepreneurs who understand how to collaborate with ventures

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Novel Financial Model

The impact on your budgets or earnings is minimized and positioned for the long-term

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“The reason we work with TechNexus is because we want to very proactively reach out to startups and entrepreneurs in particular technology spaces.  Not only for things that support current products, but also for future technology.”

Al Hershner

VP & GM, Americas, Shure Inc.

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