Turning Today's Threats into
Tomorrow's Opportunities.

For over a decade, Corporations have relied on TechNexus to create symbiotic relationships between them and a vast network of interconnected early-stage ventures and founders who share a vision for the future. We help them with this in three ways:


When you have skin in the game, there is a whole new level of commitment from both parties. By investing globally in ambitious startups that align with your innovation strategies, entrepreneurial ecosystems for insights and new growth are built faster.


We’ve learned that one way to realizing growth is a proven, structured approach to corporate-startup collaboration. By working together, corporations and startups can uncover new opportunities, transform industries, and achieve long-term success. We’re committed to empowering companies to achieve their goals by leveraging collaboration and facilitating these partnerships.


Growth requires four outcomes: 1) New Markets, 2) New Products & Services, 3) New Business Models, and 4) New Revenue Streams. All of these happen faster when engaging with early-stage ventures.

Market research, strategy consulting, and internal R&D aren’t enough anymore

Ventures from around the world pursue innovations with greater funding, focus, and flexibility than you can

Ineffective venture engagement and programs that don’t result in strategic returns, let alone financial


Engage with ventures and entrepreneurs as a collaborative community to sustain and grow. 

With guidance from TechNexus, this highly-effective platform becomes the linchpin to create new revenue streams, business models, and rare access to entrepreneurial talent that complements your existing teams. 

New Market Insights

New Products & Services

New Business Models

New Markets

Organizational Mindset Change

Venture Enabled Growth™

Corporations partner with TechNexus to add results and sustainable growth.

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