Competitive edge starts with the right access at the right time.

TechNexus invests in ambitious early-stage companies by deploying collaboration capital to drive impactful and accelerated venture development. We do this by connecting entrepreneurs and corporate executives who have a shared vision to advance how the world moves, works, lives, and thrives.

Not all capital is created equal.

Cutting checks doesn’t cut it. The entrepreneurs we back are looking for more than capital, they want customers and mentorship, especially in the early stages of the growth journey. TechNexus offers a full-service Venture Success Platform to support founders and their teams.

Specific areas our team excels and where we activate our network and experience to drive results:

Partnerships & Collaboration

Through TechNexus and its partnerships, entrepreneurs gain access into leading corporations to accelerate business growth, unlock new sales channels, co-develop products, and gain unique industry insight and institutional expertise.

Network Support

Get introductions to mentors, fellow founders, customers, suppliers, investors, and global entrepreneurial support organizations. Opportunities for personal network development via events & tailored resources and programming.

Growth Tools & Advisory

Our team of strategists and operators help with extended advisory and guidance covering topics like business model evaluation, pricing, fundraising, data room structure, board optimization, strategic planning, and market research & trends.

Investment Areas

How The World Moves

Autonomy | Electrification | Enhanced Connectivity Automotive eMobility | Fleet Management | Vehicle Marketplaces

How The World Works

Aftermarket Tools & Services | Robotics & Automation | Industrial Supply Chain | Labor & Workforce Optimization | Asset/Inventory Management | Big Data Platforms & Analytics | Advanced Maintenance & Repairs | Wearables & Mixed AR/VR

How The World Lives

Shared Access in Recreation | Connected Fitness & Strength | Recreation Marketplaces | Voice/Audio AI/ML | AudioTech | Enhanced Consumer Experience, Digital Sales

How The World Thrives

Sustainability | Battery Tech | Climate Tech | Situational Awareness & Enhanced Environment Control | Smart Cities | Water Sector & Blue Economy

We’ve made more than 130 investments into great ventures.

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