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TechNexus is a venture investment company. We help leading corporations engage ventures to generate new insights and new growth opportunities. Over the past 12 years, we’ve incubated 500+ ventures that raised more than $780M in total capital and we are now one of the most active venture investors in the world.


We're force multipliers

Actualizing growth starts with opportunity. We’re creating those opportunities by aligning startups with corporations to accelerate the solutions that will solve real-world problems — we call this Venture-Enabled Growth. For corporations, entrepreneurial access through Venture-Enabled Growth unlocks unique perspectives into emerging trends and customer behavior. For startups on their journey to exit, collaborative corporate partnerships provide invaluable market knowledge, pilot opportunities, channel partnerships, and more.

How we build an ecosystem

Ecosystems for Perspectives & Growth


Collaboration & Capital

We open the door to the customers, new market opportunities, and capital that you need to scale.

  • Access to strategic capital 
  • Market fit/validation 
  • Develop & incubate with customers
  • Accelerate pilots & customer acquisition

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Venture-Enabled Growth

We help corporations see around corners and partner with startups in ways you can't do on your own.

  • Align strategy with startup activity 
  • Source and incubate new technologies 
  • Invest earlier in emerging technology
  • Discover new markets and efficiencies

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Our ecosystems are purpose-built around high-growth industries and emergent technologies.





Supply Chain



Oil and Gas

Public Safety


Smart Cities


Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud technology

Data Analytics

Internet of Things


In collaboration with our network of different partners, we’ve successfully sourced and grown startups worldwide for more than 15 years.


204 Cities


500+ Incubators & accelerators


55 Enterprise partners


530 VCs and angel investors


384 Universities & research labs

We help entrepreneurs and executives make better business decisions.

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