Venture Ecosystems
for Growth & Insights

TechNexus is a Venture Collaborative: a unique combination of businesses, corporate joint-ventures, private equity funds under management, and a fast-growing startup investment portfolio.

Our Unique Model

Corporations who want to grow and remain relevant, partner with us to drive insight, products, and new opportunities.  Ventures who want to work with strategic corporates, partner with us to enable those relationships through capital, incubation, and collaboration. 

We create deep collaborations between these corporations and ventures to generate growth and critical insights for everyone.  And to ensure lasting impact at scale, we do this by creating bespoke venture ecosystems.


We work with a corporate partner to identify the most promising areas for growth — building new or improved products, entering adjacent markets, enabling new business models, etc.


We then engage the most promising early-stage ventures in each of those areas and make a small investment in each to establish an enduring relationship between the venture and corporation.

Our Model - Let's Collaborate


We ignite collaborations between the corporation and those ventures, including product co-development, market entry, and partnerships to ensure commercial readiness, scale, and exit, all of which generates new insights and growth for both parties.

What We Offer

Joint Ventures

We build bespoke ecosystems for leading corporations consisting of more than a dozen ventures across key strategic areas.  Corporations collaborate with ventures to develop new products, employ new business models, and enter adjacent markets.  Ventures receive capital, incubation, and an engaged strategic partner.

Advantaged Funds

These funds allow investors to back ventures that TechNexus has already invested in.  These follow-on rounds are de-risked because of our existing relationship.  Because these ventures are part of an ecosystem with a strategic corporate, the upside is exceptional.

Pulse Network

TechNexus Pulse is a member-centric network and investment platform that provides unique market insight along with differentiated venture investment and collaboration access to our ecosystem.

Collaboration Center

Located in the heart of Chicago, our facility is home to more than 50 ventures at any given time. This community powers innovative partnerships between experienced entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and thought leaders. It’s where startups go to grow up in Chicago.

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