Pulse Network

A member-centric, bespoke investment platform that provides unique market insight along with differentiated venture investment and collaboration access to our ecosystem and network (“Pulse Partners”).


Pulse is a relationship-focused on ramp to the TechNexus ecosystem for new Pulse Partners and a way to expand access to new opportunities and insights for those already engaged with TechNexus.


Pulse provides Partners with the ability to engage on their own terms.


Beyond just the investment, Pulse partners can also choose to actively engage with portfolio companies as advisors, customers, and board members or invest passively. The TechNexus team works directly with Pulse Partners to understand their goals and build personalized strategies for engagement.

Non-Infringing Force Multiplier

Pulse does not infringe on the goals and objectives of current partnerships and corporate partners. In fact, Pulse is a core feature of the broader TechNexus platform that helps to compound the value we already bring to corporate partners, founders, limited partners, and other stakeholders.


Pulse is not market-facing and prioritizes confidentiality for all parties involved, including TechNexus corporate partners and ventures.

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Email us at collaborate@technexus.com.