Andy Annacone

Managing Director

Andrew has led a multi-faceted career as a venture capitalist, strategic advisor, startup founder, and corporate executive; Andrew is Managing Director at TechNexus and President at Podfund.  He believes in the power of innovation and technology to enable new business models for business—and society.

Throughout his career, Andrew has had the privilege to work in leadership roles in numerous disciplines.  At the beginning of his career, he founded Arthur Andersen’s Shareholder Value consulting practice and advised public company CFOs on stock market valuation.  He then held senior leadership roles at Sears and Gap in strategy and as segment CFO, leading broad transformation initiatives at both companies.  He was a Principal with management consulting firm Galt & Company, where he advised Fortune 500 CEOs on broad strategic repositioning and growth strategies.   And immediately prior to TechNexus, he led Corporate Venture Capital and technology innovation at Redbox.  

When he’s not innovating in business, Andrew is innovating in education. He serves as Board Chair for EPIC Academy, a charter high-school in South Chicago on a mission to create new opportunities for life-long growth for kids.  He also believes in the power of technology and new business models to redefine education and is involved with numerous initiatives working to reinvent education for the next century.

When he’s not innovating, Andrew spends treasured time with his wife—herself an entrepreneur—and two children.