Letter AI

Letter AI is the world’s first AI-powered revenue enablement platform, catering to large enterprises and growing teams, providing an all-in-one solution for training, coaching, content management, and real-time assistance, with a focus on security and privacy, empowering revenue teams to improve win rates by 30%.


WingWork is a user-friendly cloud-based software for private aviation mechanics, streamlining maintenance tracking, work orders, and compliance activities, offering an all-in-one solution with logbook data storage and easy access to critical information.


DeepHow is an AI-powered video platform revolutionizing skilled workforce training, allowing leaders to capture and translate expertise into step-by-step how-to videos in multiple languages for efficient onboarding, retention, and upskilling with significant time and cost savings.

Invert Robotics

Invert Robotics offers cutting-edge robotic crawler technology for safer, non-destructive industrial inspections, allowing clients to enhance asset integrity and ensure safer work environments through remote, comprehensive assessments of confined or hazardous spaces.


UpSmith solves skilled workforce challenges by building technology to increase workforce productivity, helping employers grow their businesses and skilled workers thrive in their careers.

PDM Automotive

PDM Automotive is a rapidly growing network in the automotive industry that aims to simplify and enhance the multi-channel commerce experience. Their enterprise-grade solution enables automotive customers to sell more parts across various sales channels, streamline content management, and improve consumer experiences while reducing operational costs.


The comprehensive intelligence platform that helps airports understand and manage ground operations in real time. Evitado combines proprietary sensors with tracking to better understand operations and avoid collision.


Shopgenie is the AI-powered AutoCare customer experience and service provider for automotive shops.

Kognitiv Spark

Kognitiv Spark is the Mixed Reality software company behind RemoteSpark, the world’s most reliable and secure mixed reality tool for industrial remote worker support and communications.


Using your voice, remotely control every software system. Screevo eliminates on-screen interaction for data entry into systems by using a voice assistant to optimize the management of repetitive tasks and save time.


Kanarys empowers organizations to build more equitable workplaces through a data-driven approach. Kanarys is transforming diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with machine learning technology and natural language processing to serve as the “canary in the workplace” to help you detect DEI issues confronting your organization.


While many DTC brands are rich in great ideas, most lack the tech infrastructure to truly thrive. Created by experts in DTC innovation, Chord’s API-first, data-first commerce platform provides brands with “commerce as a service.” As a business moves into the world of headless commerce (where they buy e-commerce infrastructure that’s separate from the front-end […]


The fastest way to find spare parts and DIY components. Partium works to enable users to search for a spare part by simply taking a picture; empower technicians from day one to find the right part; and introduce a fast, intuitive, and reliable way to search for parts. Partium’s Enterprise Part Search solution is ready […]


The UK’s leading digital manufacturing market place. Geomiq connects ambitious engineers with a network of experienced, hard-working, and highly vetted manufacturers from all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for injection molds, rapid prototypes or large quantities of specialist precision parts, Geomiq can connect you with the right manufacturer for the job.

Kognitive Networks

Kognitive Networks build secure digital platforms and unifies communications technologies to harness the power of the internet for maritime. They specialize and have deep experience in mobile satellite and terrestrial communications, having pioneered the In-flight connectivity market. Kognitive Networks prides itself on creating the best customer experience and making a significant difference in the lives […]