Ever wonder if having an extra set of hands at work would make your job easier?

TechNexus Invests in Screevo, a Voice Enablement Tool for Frontline Workers

Entrepreneurs from the Kaplan International Accelerator Program, the Italian Trade Agency, and TechNexus Venture Collaborative pose together at the Chicago Tech Breakfast Club at TeamWorking by TechNexus

Screevo is the no-code, voice assistant that allows for hands-free optimization of repetitive tasks using your voice in 20+ different languages.

Our manufacturing corporate partners can save time through Screevo’s voice-enablement tool which enables workers to walk through automated workflow integrations. Screevo already has several established customers such as Abbvie, Philip Morris, and Leonardo. This is why TechNexus is Investing Beyond the Check in Screevo.

The pandemic accelerated the wide adoption of speech recognition and voice assistants in the workforce. The global speech and voice recognition market size is estimated to be worth $11B in 2022 and is expected to reach $49.8B by 2029 with a compound annual growth rate of 23.7% (Fortune Business Insights). Screevo envisions voice authentication as a part of its future roadmap, which TechNexus is bullish on.

Domenico Crescenzo, Founder and CEO, created Screevo because he believes that the hands of every employee should be able to express themselves in what they do best, rather than spending endless hours on the screen to introduce data.

Screevo participated in the Kaplan Global Startup Accelerator here in Chicago and was sourced through TechNexus’s connection to the Italian Trade Agency. TechNexus is honored to be a part of Screevo’s journey.

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