Bringing Global Innovation to Chicago

Entrepreneurs from the Kaplan International Accelerator Program, the Italian Trade Agency, and TechNexus Venture Collaborative pose together at the Chicago Tech Breakfast Club at TeamWorking by TechNexus

The Chicago innovation ecosystem is nowhere near its peak  — we are seeing new funds emerge, early-stage investments increase, and large funds like Drive Capital commit $80M in investment. What can we do to keep driving this growth?

💡 Bringing Global Entrepreneurs to Local Corporations that Build Long-lasting Business Opportunities for Chicago

World Business Chicago, P33, and other organizations have been doing a tremendous job bringing business to Chicago. But how can we turn those into investments? Commercial partnerships with corporations? Exits?

How a Partnership with the Italian Trade Agency and the Kaplan Institute Led to TechNexus’ Newest Investment

Programs like the Kaplan Global Startup Accelerator (led by Maryam Saleh, Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute, and Chris Trenetti and Alex Duchak, Venture Acceleration Directors) brought together six Italian entrepreneurs that are building companies in the Industry 4.0 space. The program was not your typical accelerator — in just ten weeks, there were more than 200 meetings organized with over 100 different companies so the entrepreneurs could discover the U.S. market first-hand. There were networking events, corporate visits, and even s’more roastings.

Screevo wins the Kaplan International Accelerator Pitch competition at the end of the 8-week program visit to Chicago.

The collaboration that took place throughout the ecosystem to make this program happen was magical to witness. Corporations welcomed the entrepreneurs with open arms. Institutions provided educational materials on entering the US Market. Investors (including TechNexus’ Andrew Loulousis) served as mentors and made meaningful introductions that ultimately led to tangible deals, including TechNexus’ entry into Screevo.

Chicago will be the next global innovation hub if we continue to collaborate like this

TechNexus Venture Collaborative continues its standing mission to invest from ‘Texas to Tel Aviv’ and bring global innovation to our corporate partners. We continue to support our local community through our collective efforts by:

  1. Partnering with organizations like the Kaplan Institute and World Business Chicago
  2. Supporting the process of setting up a U.S. based mailing addresses to global entrepreneurs at TeamWorking by TechNexus in Chicago
  3. Investing in global innovators and entrepreneurs

Interested in partnering with TechNexus Venture Collaborative on global partnerships? Email Ellie Davis or Taylor Kinsella to learn more!

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