It takes two to make a thing go right.

Neethi Nayak, Venture Manager, seated behind Representative Nancy Pelosi.

When public and private sectors work together, that’s when serendipitous innovation and solutions happen.TechNexus lives and breathes this principle through our involvement with TechNet, a national, bipartisan network of technology CEOs and senior executives that promotes the growth of the innovation economy. Last month, we spent a day on Capitol Hill advocating for best practices in public policy to better support the technology industry and specifically the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As we envision the reality for our founders, corporate partners, and collaborators – here are three things I learned:

  1. Collective execution through diverse approaches: During our time on the Hill, TechNexus was the sole Midwest representation on the national stage – and we were honored to take that role! But, this means there is room for more diverse perspectives across political ideologies, geographic location, demographic factors, and backgrounds. Multiple parties must coordinate and be involved for the US to thrive as an innovative economy. This will benefit all stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem.
  1. A shift from politics to policy: Depoliticization of issues affecting day to day of the tech industry will be crucial to movement and progress in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Too often, misinformation and misconceptions can cloud progress. 
  1. Embrace interdisciplinary approaches: The private sector alone will not solve our tech ecosystem’s challenges. Neither will the public sector alone. Continued conversations and dialogue among leaders and decision-makers will be vital to the movement. 

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