Some of the most disruptive companies today
didn't exist 5 years ago

We provide the capital, resources and access to enterprises to propel your business to the next stage.


Our venture collaborative method

Market validation

Align your business model and product roadmap with market needs

  • Prioritize your technology and product development plan
  • Accelerate your sales process with enterprises 
  • Apply your technology to problems in new industries

Access strategic capital

Get the funding you need with the control you want

  • Collaboration with enterprises, not just funding
  • Maintain independence while receiving guidance 
  • Secure strategic capital to scale

Co-develop and incubate with enterprises

Build your business with access to the customers you need

  • Obtain customer feedback to build a better product faster
  • Access industry expertise from catalysts and mentors 
  • Develop products that solve real industry challenges

Accelerate pilots and customer acquisition

Cut through red tape to effectively work with enterprises

  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Leverage pilots to validate use cases and iterate 
  • Drive traction and scale your engagement

We’re putting our skin in the game early, providing the capital and market intelligence you need to earn customers faster and pursue new industries.

Why next stage acceleration?

Let us tell you

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