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Paula Quinn

Head of People

I love connecting people, and helping to build happy, collaborative, inclusive and productive organizations.  I believe loving what you do and happiness equals productivity.  

I was fortunate to stumble upon TechNexus Venture Collaborative a few years ago. My position as Head of People allows me to grow our team, but also share top talent and HR best practices with our Portfolio and Collaborator communities. 

Prior to TechNexus, I received a degree in Human Development from the University of California, Davis, and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education. I spent the early years of my career working at Stanford University’s playful and educational setting for children and found myself transitioning into the innovative and fast-paced setting at Google.  I often say I “grew up at Google” having worked there for over a decade within the People Operations organization.  My focus was building diverse, robust pipelines and programs, whether it funneled into our entry-level roles, or to our VP and C-Level leadership positions.

As a California native, I dislike the cold winters in my new home in Chicago, but I love the warmth of the people who make up this great city.  In my spare time, I run our family charity (Coming Up Rosies) with my husband and daughters.  It’s a constant circus at our home, always full of laughter, good food and wine.  If you stop by our house, you’d be invited to share an impromptu Italian dinner, lots of leg hugs from our dog Enzo, and possibly a dance party or two.