Joey Alfieri

Analyst, Venturing

The qualities that so many successful entrepreneurs possess – belief in one’s self, an ability to solve complex problems, and unwavering perseverance in the face of obstacles – have always inspired me. I feel lucky to be a member of the TechNexus team, where we have a proven track record of effectively leveraging our unique position to provide value to both innovative ventures and established corporations.

I primarily operate in two areas within TechNexus – Venturing and Operations. On the venturing side of things, I source companies, perform due diligence, and conduct market research on both mature and emerging markets relevant to our investment themes in efforts to locate untapped opportunity areas or market trends. On the operations side – I aid in the construction of our internal systems and processes to standardize the way we make investments, conduct analysis, create reports, and manage key relationships with founders, other investors, or corporate partners.

Prior to starting at TechNexus, I played professional football, signing with the Philadelphia Eagles out of college, then with the New York Giants, and finally with the San Francisco 49ers, where I was a part of their Super Bowl run in 2020. 

I earned my undergraduate degree from Stanford in Management Science and Engineering, where I was a 3-year starter at outside linebacker for the Varsity Football Team. 

In my free time you can find me golfing, playing racquetball, or enjoying a book outside – if the Chicago weather permits.