Jim Berka

Director, Sales

TechNexus’ mission in helping companies grow and collaborate is the reason I joined the company. My sole reason for doing what I do is to help companies reach their potential by giving them a place to grow, reach new clients, and collaborate with companies that are like-minded and complement their missions and values.

To make this happen I meet with decision-makers and show them how becoming part of the community will help them further their company’s goals and objectives in a professional environment. Whether through private meetings, networking events, or marketing efforts, my goal is to make this decision as easy and smooth as possible.

I have been in sales for over 30 years and have one overriding philosophy, servant selling. This means finding a potential client’s needs and filling that need with a product or service that I can offer to meet or exceed those needs. It also means that I may not have the right service for them so I will guide them in the right direction to make the correct decision.

Being a native Chicagoan, I have raised my 5 kids in the suburbs and Peggy and I love live music, especially 80’s rock and we attend as many concerts as possible. When I get some free time I also can be found looking in the woods and ponds for my errant golf shots.