Lightship RV is revolutionizing the future of travel with all-electric travel trailers, featuring integrated solar power, seamless transition between Camp Mode and Road Mode, and a commitment to connecting people with nature through sustainable and joyful outdoor experiences, all aimed at preserving the environment for generations to come.


Harbinger is an innovative commercial electric vehicle company revolutionizing the industry by providing a driver-focused chassis architecture, autonomous-ready features, and a first-of-its-kind EV platform, all aimed at electrifying every segment of the commercial vehicle market without any acquisition premium.


Caramel revolutionizes the car buying and selling experience by providing a safe, and simple platform where users can easily connect with sellers using just their email, review detailed price breakdowns before payment, and have the flexibility to edit choices during the checkout process.

PDM Automotive

PDM Automotive is a rapidly growing network in the automotive industry that aims to simplify and enhance the multi-channel commerce experience. Their enterprise-grade solution enables automotive customers to sell more parts across various sales channels, streamline content management, and improve consumer experiences while reducing operational costs.


Millions of RVs sit idle every year instead of doing what they do best — chasing adventures and making memories. RVezy’s peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace enables RV owners to make money by renting out their RVs when not in use. Their RV-sharing concept has inspired travelers to connect with nature in new ways while seeding […]


The comprehensive intelligence platform that helps airports understand and manage ground operations in real time. Evitado combines proprietary sensors with tracking to better understand operations and avoid collision.


Shopgenie is the AI-powered AutoCare customer experience and service provider for automotive shops.


Roadtrippers offers a subscription-based service that assists travelers in planning extraordinary road trips through its AI-powered trip planner called Autopilot. Autopilot provides features such as unlimited trips, customizable maps, RV-friendly tools, and exclusive member deals.

NanoGraf Corporation

The advanced energy materials company developing a proprietary silicon-based anode for lithium-ion batteries that increases energy density and extends the range of electric vehicles, enabling world-leading performance.

Maverick Biometals

Modern mining metal extraction is energy-intensive, bad for the environment, and inefficient. Maverick Biometals is changing that as the frontier of biomining. Maverick Biometals uses bioextraction with enzymes to chemically break down and extract metals and nonmetals for the clean energy future.


The company is creating the next “mobile life 2.0” via Live-Work-Play vehicles. Which will enable the ultimate untethered lifestyle. They are on a mission to rethink and redefine what’s possible in mobility; and deliver inspired immersive, transformable, tech-infused mobile platforms.


Mojio is the connected car platform and SaaS solution designed to build, launch, and scale connected mobility services. Mojio has a telematics engine, a mobility studio, an intelligence toolkit, and a services ecosystem available via mobile app to connect the global driving community. Mojio is fueling the future of connectivity by taking mobility solutions and […]


Combining the convenience of free-floating car share and the best of boutique hotel amenities. Cabana is a modern, mobile hospitality company with a fleet of high-quality, high-tech cabanas that are designed to create a seamless and unique integrated travel experience. From merging accommodation with transportation to providing personalized, contactless trip planning, everything they do is […]


The fastest way to find spare parts and DIY components. Partium works to enable users to search for a spare part by simply taking a picture; empower technicians from day one to find the right part; and introduce a fast, intuitive, and reliable way to search for parts. Partium’s Enterprise Part Search solution is ready […]


Supercharge your semis. Revoy is an electric add-on to your existing truck that converts it into a hybrid. Unlike competitors, it does with no upfront costs and no downtime. It simply hitches to your truck via its fifth-wheel hitch. Revoy can save you 20-30% on fuel costs. It does this through proprietary hybridizing technology that […]