Discover your unique genomic risks for common diseases and empower your healthcare decisions with GenomicMD’s Lifetime Genomics Risk Assessment, providing clinical-grade risk reports and a year of community membership for comprehensive insights and guidance toward a longer, healthier life.


Respeecher’s AI-powered speech synthesis software uses recordings of a target voice to produce voice cloning for creators.


DubClub is a platform designed for professional sports handicappers to share their real-time predictions and analysis with fellow sports fans. DubClub offers a hub for simplified sports handicapping, enabling cappers to grow their business and message plays to their subscribers, resulting in more wins for both parties.


Access your paycheck early with no fees using the GoDo mobile app and settle up when your direct deposit hits your account.


Roadtrippers offers a subscription-based service that assists travelers in planning extraordinary road trips through its AI-powered trip planner called Autopilot. Autopilot provides features such as unlimited trips, customizable maps, RV-friendly tools, and exclusive member deals.

Hoodie Analytics

Grow your Cannabis sales with daily retail market intelligence. Hoodie is the Leader in Real-time Cannabis Product Assortment & Pricing Intelligence. Hoodie Analytics provides users with an indispensable partner that keeps an eye on the market, a network with access to the best people, and data processing to get an advantage over the competition. You […]

Captain Experiences

It’s your turn to go fishing. Plan your perfect fishing charter with Captain Experiences. Captain Experiences makes booking high-quality fishing charters and outdoor sports guides quick and easy. Users can visit to find their ideal trip and book with real-time availability so they can focus on fun with family and friends. Captain Experiences specializes […]


Creating quality content, entertainment, and community engagement is at the center of Beastcoast’s vision of the esports community. Beastcoast is a professional esports team representing 30 of the world’s most talented video gaming competitors and influencers. They are a content engine, marketing agency, and pro team all wrapped into one. The company emphasizes quality content, […]

C360 Technologies

Centered on revolutionizing video. C360 Technologies develops original 360 technologies that deliver high-quality, non-stitched immersive video products. C360’s live output is utilized for broadcast and OTT platforms, delivering multiple HD-SDI outputs directly to the broadcast backhaul for live television events while simultaneously putting out a 4K stream to OTT platforms for distribution across AR/VR/XR applications. […]


Previously, there was no one platform to create, host, and distribute your podcast to listeners anywhere, on any device. Sounder helps creators of all sizes tap into the power of Audio Intelligence to fuel podcast growth—expanding their audience and driving revenues for their content. Founded in 2019 by former Google and Spotify executives, Sounder brings […]


Get rewarded for sharing your favorite brands. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok make billions off of their user’s posts, and SwayID exists to cut the creators into those earnings. SwayID re-routes ad dollars back into the consumer’s pocket by democratizing influencer perks for all. Creators and social media users can earn up to 100% […]


The future doesn’t have to be one in which we are all faceless consumers transacting with cold and indifferent corporations. Web3 enables a different future, placing brands at the precipice of a new era of commerce. For the first time, brands have an opportunity to transform the relationship they have with their customers and build […]

Meet Cute

Immerse yourself in a romantic comedy in the time it takes to jog a mile, do the dishes, or take a bath! Meet Cute has created a podcast focusing on romantic comedies. They produce and distribute original romantic comedies in podcast form that focus on providing the happiness and hope that have become synonymous with […]

Let’s Do This

Choose from over 30,000 events and find your next physical challenge. Let’s Do This has established a marketplace to discover and book endurance and outdoor mass participation sporting events. They are on a mission to help more people discover epic experiences than any other community on the planet. Whether one is looking for a 5k […]

Native Voice

Command your day. Your favorite brands can help. Native Voice has developed a software SDK for audio device manufacturers to provide access to all voice services with as little as one line of code. Native Voice is the on-demand voice services library for access to the brands you rely on every day to help you […]