DubClub is a platform designed for professional sports handicappers to share their real-time predictions and analysis with fellow sports fans. DubClub offers a hub for simplified sports handicapping, enabling cappers to grow their business and message plays to their subscribers, resulting in more wins for both parties.


Creating quality content, entertainment, and community engagement is at the center of Beastcoast’s vision of the esports community. Beastcoast is a professional esports team representing 30 of the world’s most talented video gaming competitors and influencers. They are a content engine, marketing agency, and pro team all wrapped into one. The company emphasizes quality content, […]

C360 Technologies

Centered on revolutionizing video. C360 Technologies develops original 360 technologies that deliver high-quality, non-stitched immersive video products. C360’s live output is utilized for broadcast and OTT platforms, delivering multiple HD-SDI outputs directly to the broadcast backhaul for live television events while simultaneously putting out a 4K stream to OTT platforms for distribution across AR/VR/XR applications. […]


Get rewarded for sharing your favorite brands. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok make billions off of their user’s posts, and SwayID exists to cut the creators into those earnings. SwayID re-routes ad dollars back into the consumer’s pocket by democratizing influencer perks for all. Creators and social media users can earn up to 100% […]


The future doesn’t have to be one in which we are all faceless consumers transacting with cold and indifferent corporations. Web3 enables a different future, placing brands at the precipice of a new era of commerce. For the first time, brands have an opportunity to transform the relationship they have with their customers and build […]


Today digital audio is everywhere…and everyone is listening. Your brand needs to be in front of listeners, but creating compelling audio isn’t easy to do. That’s where SpokenLayer comes in. SpokenLayer has provided an application platform intended to provide voice-driven media for virtual assistants and connected devices. Their platform transforms written stories into audio stories […]


Instantly get every stat. ShotTracker has developed a digital platform designed to provide data analysis to improve athletic skills. Their technology has been used throughout the NBA and NCAA to track and improve performance! ShotTracker consists of three components: ShotTracker-enabled ball, player sensors, and anchors in the rafters. Their platform comprises a net sensor, wrist […]


Be heard. Record. Share. Get noticed. Rapchat has developed an application that enables anyone to record and share songs from their phone. Their social network drives connectivity and collaboration while its mobile recording studio helps artists make incredible content that they would not have otherwise been able to make before. They have a variety of […]

Radio Public

We love podcasts and podcasters. Radio Public’s tools and resources assist brand-new and experienced podcasters alike. RadioPublic has developed an online podcasting platform designed to aid listeners to discover, engage with, and reward creators of stories, podcasts, and other audio. Their platform integrates tools that include embedded web audio players, native podcast applications, podcast marketing […]


Leverage the true power of the cloud to streamline your digital media operations with MOLTEN Cloud. Molten has developed a cloud infrastructure platform designed to simplify digital media operations. Their platform has real-time insights and automation tools for rights management, content, and licensing management, enabling clients to have a powerful infrastructure for digital media that […]


Delivering live audio to every listener’s phone. Mixhalo has developed an audio platform designed to conduct live events. Their platform is a scalable wireless technology that streams quality audio directly to the attendees’ phones and headphones at concerts of all kinds, enabling event organizers to give audiences real-time audio experiences. MIXhalo makes events more inclusive […]


Create, we’ll do the rest. LANDR has developed an instant online audio mastering software designed to refine and polish finished stereo mixes. Their audio mastering software uses machine learning technologies that are applied to sound engineering and delivered as a platform, enabling musicians to mix tracks for the studio without an engineer and the freedom […]

Gather Voices

Community-driven video content at scale simple. Gather Voices has developed a video relationship management platform designed to promote brands through the voices of their customers. Their platform integrates with existing social media, video, and customer relationship management platforms to provide user-generated content directly from donors, advocates, customers, and constituents to personally help a brand, enabling […]


Life is better Live. BoxCast has developed a video streaming platform designed to help in broadcasting events. Their video streaming platform has easy-to-manage archives, privacy options, and data integration features, enabling businesses to deliver a quality experience to their viewers. BoxCast also has advanced hardware compression, which is far superior when encoding live video. Further, […]

Amper Music

The barrier to music composition has been spectacularly broken. Amper Music has developed a music composition platform designed to let users create and customize original pieces. The company offers a subscription-based AI music composition, performance, and production platform, enabling users to instantly create and customize original, royalty-free music for their content without needing any prior […]