BoxPower pioneers rural energy transformation with integrated solar microgrids, bolstering wildfire resilience, energy dependability, and off-grid power access through their containerized solutions.


Mainblades is a Netherlands-based tech company founded by innovative engineers specializing in automated aircraft inspections using drones. They aim to revolutionize the industry by providing a drone-powered inspection tool that helps aircraft engineers work more efficiently, reducing time, cost, and pressure while ensuring consistent and compliant inspection data.

NanoGraf Corporation

The advanced energy materials company developing a proprietary silicon-based anode for lithium-ion batteries that increases energy density and extends the range of electric vehicles, enabling world-leading performance.

Maverick Biometals

Modern mining metal extraction is energy-intensive, bad for the environment, and inefficient. Maverick Biometals is changing that as the frontier of biomining. Maverick Biometals uses bioextraction with enzymes to chemically break down and extract metals and nonmetals for the clean energy future.


The UK’s leading digital manufacturing market place. Geomiq connects ambitious engineers with a network of experienced, hard-working, and highly vetted manufacturers from all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for injection molds, rapid prototypes or large quantities of specialist precision parts, Geomiq can connect you with the right manufacturer for the job.


A new era of battery technology is here. Natrion engineers safe, high-performance, highly scalable solid-state battery technologies facilitating the introduction of mass market-viable electric vehicles and renewable energy. Clean energy means cleaner power systems, by blending both ceramic and polymer materials in their solid-state battery, Natrion is able to fuse all the best properties and […]

H3X Technologies

The future is electric. Across industries companies are adopting electrification in their products. H3X Technologies is ahead of the game. They have manufactured high-performance integrated motor drives for electric aircraft and innovated a new and more efficient stator coil. Their design is revolutionizing the electric market and pushing the advancement of electric aircraft propulsion, creating […]


Automated logistics, cold chain, and inventory management. Reelables are thin film bluetooth labels that allow for temperature tracking, active beaconing, and tracking of devices all from thin RFID labels with a robust 40m range. Designed to be integrated into a logistics or tracking system with a low-level API. Reelables keep track of inventory, assets, and […]

Pi Variables

Enabling a safer, more connected roadway. Pi Variables has developed a sequential warning lamp system intended to enhance road safety and traffic guidance via innovative hardware, software, and design-focused systems. The company’s technology and mechanical design are network architectures including ICS sequential flare, ICS landing zone kit, sequential barricade lamps, remote control, and cone top […]

Impossible Aerospace

The Future of Flight. Impossible Aerospace has developed a long-range electric aircraft intended to be used as a fully electric alternative to commercial aviation. Their aircraft are equipped with optical and thermal sensors, and use an electric commercial-grade drone with a flight time of up to two hours, enabling the aviation industry to get affordable […]