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Beam Health

Clinics need more than just a video conferencing platform. Beam has given users a suite of marketing and customer service capabilities alongside a HIPAA compliant HD video platform to help them build a thriving virtual line of business. Beam Health combines telehealth with payment processing, patient registration, patient marketing, custom promotional content, and world-class customer […]


This is the future of fitness. Tonal has created a digital weight platform intended to deliver a smooth weight lifting experience using magnets and electricity. Their platform eliminates the need for traditional weights by delivering pounds of resistance in a device fitting in a flatscreen with sensors to correct form and a touch screen display […]

YDY Life

Exercise whenever and wherever you want with YDY Life. Health has never been so easy. YDY Life has provided audio-based group running classes intended to help people to stay fit and healthy. Their classes include a mix of instructors with motivating playlists to offer strength training, metabolic conditioning, and high-intensity interval training, enabling users to […]


Get an all-access pass to a curated health and wellness experience without the price tag. Playbook has developed a fitness platform intended to connect wellness and fitness experts to anyone and anywhere. Their platform helps health, wellness, and fitness creators share their freshest content, diet charts, and exercise routine with fans, followers, and clients, enabling […]


Quantify weight room performance. No strings attached. Perch has provided velocity-based training services intended to quantify complex and functional movement exercises. Their services use cameras attached to weight racks to track bar velocity, power output, and bar path without disrupting weight room workflow along with offering analysis and reports of daily and longitudinal trends, enabling […]


Get stronger and faster with a fitness plan that fits you. Fitbod has developed a fitness training application designed to offer personalized workout plans. Their application uses machine learning to analyze users’ workout data to build a real-time strength-training plan tailored to users’ physical capability, available equipment, and fitness goals, enabling users to maximize the […]