Respeecher’s AI-powered speech synthesis software uses recordings of a target voice to produce voice cloning for creators.


Previously, there was no one platform to create, host, and distribute your podcast to listeners anywhere, on any device. Sounder helps creators of all sizes tap into the power of Audio Intelligence to fuel podcast growth—expanding their audience and driving revenues for their content. Founded in 2019 by former Google and Spotify executives, Sounder brings […]

Meet Cute

Immerse yourself in a romantic comedy in the time it takes to jog a mile, do the dishes, or take a bath! Meet Cute has created a podcast focusing on romantic comedies. They produce and distribute original romantic comedies in podcast form that focus on providing the happiness and hope that have become synonymous with […]

Native Voice

Command your day. Your favorite brands can help. Native Voice has developed a software SDK for audio device manufacturers to provide access to all voice services with as little as one line of code. Native Voice is the on-demand voice services library for access to the brands you rely on every day to help you […]


Connect everywhere, anywhere, with no background noise. Audeze is a California-based high-end audio manufacturer delivering the most accurate sound reproduction available today. Audeze products are engineered with the latest innovations in materials science and technology matched with precision craftsmanship to produce an astonishingly dynamic and immersive sound. Their commitment to research and development is reflected […]


In a stagnant audio space, Clubhouse is working to build the next iteration of audio. Clubhouse is an audio chat that functions as a space for casual, drop-in conversations with friends and others around the world. Users can go online anytime to chat with the people they follow, hop in as a listener, and hear […]

Sonoro Studios

Open your ears, expand your mind. Sonoro Studios has created the world’s best audio content in Spanish. We support leading Latinx voices and stories that inspire and empower. Sonoro’s offices in the US and Mexico serve the 500 million people around the world who speak Spanish. They collaborate with world-class storytellers to create content across […]

Unmistakable Media

A community that helps creatives fulfill their dreams. Unmistakable Media has created emotional and thought-provoking podcast listeners. Eliminate the feeling of being stuck in your life, blocked in your creativity, and discover higher levels of meaning and purpose in your life and career. Listen to deeply personal, insightful, and thought-provoking stories from the world’s leading […]

The NewsWorthy

News made fast, fair, and fun in just 10 minutes. The NewsWorthy has provided a wide variety of the day’s news in less than 10 minutes each weekday. Award-winning broadcast journalist and former CBS news reporter Erica Mandy is on a mission to help people stay informed in a convenient, unbiased, and less depressing way […]

Best Case Studios

Culturally relevant and unique perspectives can be brought to life through narrative audio storytelling. Best Case has created several audio narratives in a nonfiction and scripted series. Best Case brings together creators from film, documentary, television, and theater – surrounding them with seasoned audio collaborators to make quality original audio series’. Best Case’s CEO Adam […]

Frequency Machine

Dive deep into stories from around the world. Frequency Machine has produced an extensive array of cinematic narratives and travel shows. Every project explores an astounding story. Sometimes that’s a single episode format filled with fascinating tales from around the world — beer smuggling in Jerusalem, Game of Thrones conflict tourism in Belfast, doomsday prepping […]

Kerning Cultures Network

Telling the kinds of stories in which we can actually see ourselves. Kerning Cultures Network has produced podcasts focused on celebrating and promoting Middle Eastern culture. They are the first venture-funded podcast company in the Middle East. Their podcasts are a digital revival of the region’s long standing oral storytelling tradition. As children of the […]

Domino Sound

A queer, disabled Black woman-owned multimedia production company, network, and creative agency—making progressive, fresh and fierce media content. Domino Sound is a podcast studio that aims to bring equity to the world of podcasting by promoting acceptance, inclusion, and awareness through authentic storytelling. They have produced original shows and branded podcasts and provide production services […]

Osiris Media

Transforming how artists and fans connect through the power and intimacy of audio. Osiris Media has created deeper connections for music fans, by creating/curating music, culture podcasts, and experiences, and helping like-minded advertisers get in front of engaged customers.

Mostly Human Media

On a mission to help us feel human again in today’s connected world through Books, TV & Film, Podcasts and more. Mostly Human Media represents what’s next in humanity’s relationship to technology. They are building a media company for the Web3 era and prioritizing what that will mean for creators, inclusivity… and the future of […]