TechNexus @ SXSW 2024 – Adventure Awaits: Investing in the Outdoors

Credit: Midwest House

(re)think : (re)create : (re)vitalize

TechNexus Founder and General Partner, Fred Hoch took the stage with David Ollila at Midwest House during Outdoor Day at SXSW.

What’s the story?

🌐 Empowering Innovation in Every Corner of the Heartland The convergence of heritage and innovation is reshaping the outdoor sector. From disrupting the software industry (~20+ years ago) to a breakthrough in the outdoors and recreational spaces, Fred and Dave emphasized the power of small communities with big ideas. Recognizing that innovation can spring from anywhere — from Michigan’s UP, Driftless Area in WI & IL, or Bentonville, AR — the key is providing investment & support to bring these ideas to life. It’s not just about disrupting industries; it’s about empowering every individual and community to contribute to the changing landscape.

🏄 Riding the Waves of Outdoor Trends The outdoor space is experiencing a transformation spurred by current trends. With the impact of COVID-19 encouraging people to embrace the outdoors, there’s a shift towards sustainability, product rentals, and a new generation seeking different outdoor experiences. The electrification of outdoor vehicles, like eRVs, snowmobiles and ATVs, is seen as a catalyst for innovation, bringing in fresh perspectives and participants. We foresee an explosion of ideas that will not only redefine heritage but also attract new enthusiasts, expanding the outdoor recreation community.

🚴♂️🔗 Bridging Technology with Tradition The most exciting revelation lies in the convergence of technology and tradition. The discussion touched on electric bicycles, showcasing the fine line between innovation and preserving the authenticity of outdoor experiences. As heritage companies restructure, there’s a release of coastal talent eager to return to their Midwestern roots. This shift creates opportunities for integrating technology into outdoor experiences, emphasizing the importance of relaxing corporate legacies to foster accessibility for innovation and entrepreneurship. The emphasis on access to markets is highlighted, underlining the role of collaboration and authenticity in shaping the future of the outdoor sector.

🏕️ The Outdoor Sector is at the forefront of innovation and collaboration, shaping a future where everyone has a role to play!

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