The Actionable Genetic Risk Assessment for Longer, Healthier Lives

In a groundbreaking move towards personalized healthcare, GenomicMD, a CLIA-certified laboratory, is leading the charge in revolutionizing risk assessment through precision medicine. Endeavor, the first hospital in the world to adopt this transformative approach, marks a significant milestone in the field of genomic medicine. After a decade of dedicated medical work, GenomicMD is proud to unveil its achievement in partnership with Endeavor Health.

GenomicMD is poised to revolutionize healthcare by replacing the conventional family history survey at the doctor with an advanced tool for stratifying patient risk. With a strong emphasis on individualized disease risk assessments, GenomicMD offers clinical-grade, validated Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) panels that provide actionable insights into lifetime genomic risks for various common diseases. This achievement is the result of a decade of relentless effort, underscoring the commitment and perseverance that led to this breakthrough. GenomicMD empowers individuals with comprehensive insights into their genetic predispositions, utilizing risk assessments based on the combined impact of numerous genetic variants. This approach enables a more accurate identification of individuals at increased risk for diseases compared to traditional methods.

Jason Lobel, a second-time founder, spearheads GenomicMD’s journey, supported by one of the leading global experts on Translational Research, Dr. Jianfeng Xu. In addition, two other cofounders play pivotal roles: Michal Filipczak, Co-Founder & Head of Product, and Song Gao, Co-Founder & Head of Engineering. This diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, contributing to the success of GenomicMD’s innovative approach to healthcare.

This emphasis on precision medicine positions GenomicMD as a key player in the rapidly evolving landscape of personalized healthcare. In Chicago, with its prevalence of insurance companies and medical institutions, the city stands to gain significantly from GenomicMD’s innovative approach to healthcare.

The next step for GenomicMD involves a test for a dozen different diseases, expanding the scope of its impact. This preventative screening, not diagnosis, offers individuals the opportunity to proactively manage their health based on personalized genetic insights. This breakthrough replaces the conventional family history survey at the doctor with a more advanced tool, effectively stratifying patient risk and promoting early intervention.

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