Revolutionizing Workforce Training with AI-Powered Video Platforms

Today’s skilled workforce is evolving rapidly, and the optimal learning preferences of younger generations are changing accordingly. Traditional training methods, such as written SOPs or on-the-job training, are ineffective and unscalable. This shift necessitates innovative solutions to cater to these changes so companies can keep their workforces competitive.

DeepHow’s employee-led, AI-powered video training platform not only streamlines your training procedures but also empowers your workforce with the essential skills and knowledge required to maintain the seamless operation of your business.

The AI-powered platform redefines how crucial knowledge is captured and transferred. Teams can effortlessly document vital procedures using smartphones, creating a bank of training content transferable to every worker. This breakthrough translates into a 25% reduction in workforce training time and an impressive 40% acceleration in employee onboarding, establishing DeepHow as a disruptive force in the training landscape.

This strategic investment holds significant promise for our corporate partners, who can leverage the platform to curate a library of easily searchable training content for their workforce. DeepHow serves as a versatile tool for filming everyday maintenance procedures, elevating accessibility and efficiency in training materials for enhanced operational readiness. Our partners can engage their workers with AI-powered and mobile-friendly content that outperforms traditional training methods so they can ultimately upskill their organization.

Founded by a group of former innovation leaders and experts from Siemens who recognized an unaddressed demand for knowledge transfer in the skilled trades labor market, CEO Sam Zheng, Ph.D., leads the DeepHow team. We are proud to join co-investors Sierra Ventures, Owl Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and LG Technology Ventures in backing DeepHow as they empower tomorrow’s workforce with the leading AI technology of today.

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