Tackling the Rural Charging Station Gap

When an EV owner travels outside of cities, rural charging stations are not available, affecting the entire user experience. BoxPower is tackling this issue by developing solar microgrid software and hardware intended to optimize the performance and accelerate the deployment of microgrids.

BoxPower’s off-grid solution integrates solar power, battery storage, inverters, monitoring and control software, and optional backup generators in a rugged containerized design. These systems provide clean, resilient power for utilities, telecom sites, EV charging, agriculture, disaster preparedness, and community electrification.

Founders Angelo Campus and Anderson Barkow are highly experienced in all steps of the microgrid development and deployment process, which uniquely positions BoxPower to build clean microgrids at utility scale levels. Their systems will ultimately change how energy is supplied to rural energy consumers.

We are excited about the potential for BoxPower to be utilized in off-grid scenarios, such as campsites, national parks, and places where RVers enjoy the great outdoors. Collaboration with BoxPower will enable EV exploration that could have tremendous value for our corporate partners. We’re honored to back the BoxPower team alongside notable investors like Aligned Climate Capital and Susquehanna Investment Group.

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