Simplifying, Digitizing, and Increasing Sales in the Automotive Aftermarket 

Access to parts remains an issue for consumers, retailers, and repair shops in the automotive and mobility-related industries. Data exists in silos, and the information is rarely up-to-date, causing negative experiences that trickle down the value chain to the consumer. PDM Automotive is redefining the automotive aftermarket and transforming how stakeholders across the industry collaborate, 

Founder and seasoned automotive aftermarket expert Johannes Crepon has experienced data challenges firsthand. After launching an automotive aftermarket business out of Germany, he realized the growing challenges of compiling and utilizing the value of supplier data. It became clear that there was a need for a new and better solution, and in 2017, PDM was born.

PDM’s platform reduces many challenges and operational costs related to creating, managing, and monetizing data. Users can manage catalog content, product listings, inventory, pricing, and orders across all sales channels. This streamlines transactions and creates superior consumer experiences.

PDM offers our corporate partners a solution to protect market share and sales volume by helping improve their approach to customer experience and segmentation. Collaboration with them can enhance our partners’ internal operations and communication by connecting multiple departments with a certified, shared data source. We’re honored to back the PDM team alongside notable investors like FUSE.

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