Life Doesn’t Wait for Payday. Why Should You?  

If There’s a Will… Here’s the Pay.

Unexpected expenses like car repairs, or urgent care visits can wreak havoc on families living paycheck to paycheck. Lower-income families live in fear of being one financial setback away — like a missed paycheck or late bill — from a descent into debt.

An untimely expense can force people to turn to emergency payday loans for immediate financial support. But payday loans are predatory, taking advantage of the fact that there are often no alternatives for underbanked communities in rural locations.

The GoDo platform is a fintech alternative that partners with large organizations to provide employees and members access to wages before payday at no cost to them. With a GoDo partnership, organizations can have their own co-branded debit card and app, and employees can access their paycheck early with no fees and settle up when their direct deposit hits their account.

With boomers retiring, immigration slowing, the labor force shrinking, and rising unemployment, retention is ever-important. GoDo offers our corporate partners a solution to help with retention, loyalty, and improved productivity by reducing financial stress for low-income employees. We’re honored to back the GoDo team.

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