On Recreation Vehicles: Why TechNexus Invested in Cabana

We’re proud to introduce our latest investment: Cabana, a mobile hospitality startup combining the convenience of free-floating car share and the best of boutique hotel amenities.

HQ: Seattle, Washington

Founder: Scott Kubly

The opportunity: Recreation Vehicles (RVs) can come with some large price tags, and as such, are typically owned by a mature demographic. But, in recent years, RV owners have seen a shift to accommodate a wider age range of interested parties. A study conducted by Go RVing found that RV ownership has increased by 62% in the past few years, with significant growth being attributed to 18-34 year-olds (making up 22% of the market last year).

Insert Cabana: Cabana operates the concierge RV rental experience designed with the consumer in mind. By incorporating both rental and travel planning together, Cabana wraps the perfect trip up in a bow. In addition to van rentals, they offer full-service experience booking and planning software to make the entire customer experience of driving and staying in an RV as simple of a process as possible. By focusing on the consumer experience, they’ve combined the boutique hotel experience of van rentals with personalized, contactless trip planning to provide a comprehensive luxury experience. 

How it began: Founded in 2019 by Scott Kubly, a seasoned veteran in the travel and mobility sphere, Cabana started as a luxury “mobile hotel” and experienced explosive growth following the global pandemic, which sparked higher interest in alternative travel.

Why we’re investing: Cabana lowers the barrier to entry for a new segment of young and young-at-heart customers that desire a high-end ‘hotel on wheels’ adventure. Collaboration with Cabana unlocks customer access, product insights, new design thinking, and manufacturing/supply chain partnerships, which brings substantial strategic value to our Corporate Partners. Our team is eager to continue playing a role in Cabana’s growth journey and looks forward to supporting its launch into new markets.

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