TechNexus’ Madelyn Rutter on The Chicago Capital Podcast

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TechNexus’ Director of Collaboration, Madelyn Rutter (Maddy), recently sat down with Declan Zidar, TechNexus Analyst and Co-host of The Chicago Capital Podcast, to chat about her unconventional path into corporate venturing and spotlight non-investing roles within VC. Tune in to this episode to hear about Maddy’s passion for consumer behavior, creative problem-solving, bringing people together, and how that creates effective environments for venture-enabled innovation.

Episode Description:

Madelyn Rutter is the Director of Collaboration at TechNexus. She helps bring the “Venture Collaborative” to life with everything founder and partner success-related. That means growth, incubation, marketing, branding, and community, and helping corporate innovators achieve their goals by inspiring them to connect with the right entrepreneurs at the right time. 🚀

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