On Electrification: Why TechNexus Invested in Bluedot and SixWheel

Introducing Bluedot and SixWheel, the latest additions to our investment portfolio. With electrification making a significant impact on industries across the board, Bluedot and SixWheel take electric driving and turn it into savings, in two very different ways.


HQ: San Francisco, California

Founders: Selinay Parlak and Ferhat Babacan

The problem: The US is the latest country to pass the threshold of 5% of all new car sales being electric vehicles (EV). And while this indicates the beginning of mass adoption, the charging ecosystem is still stuck in the past, offering ineffective charging solutions for end-users. There may be efforts to encourage adoption of EVs in some locations across the US, but there is little post-purchase engagement beyond the sale of EVs to this growing segment of drivers. This shift to EVs presents an opportunity to fulfill the knowledge gap of consumer behavior after their purchase and to provide thoughtful activations to streamline EV adoption.

The Bluedot solution: Bluedot is building the future of sustainable mobility with a platform that enables post-purchase consumer engagement by rewarding electric car owners every time they need to charge — from services, experiences, cash back, rewards, discounts, and more. Like Airbnb for EVs, Bluedot offers EV drivers a deeper connection to their vehicles through a single touchpoint to all auto-related expenses, starting with charging.

Why we’re investing: EV drivers and enthusiasts are a new and growing market segment, which requires insights into those consumer behaviors post-purchase. Bluedot’s post-purchase consumer engagement rewards system provides a direct connection to EV consumers and streamlines the charging system to accelerate EV adoption. An investment in Bluedot enables rich business intelligence about this group and a firsthand look at privileged insights for our Corporate Partners. Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Porsche and Ford are investors, partners, and customers of Bluedot today for similar reasons.

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HQ: San Francisco, California

Founder: Ian Rust

The problem: The trucking industry has been the backbone of the US for decades, and in 2020, trucking moved nearly 73% of all freight by weight across the country. But most recently, diesel prices peaked at $5.25/gal in March 2022, causing higher fuel surcharges, reducing cargo capacity, and decreasing profit margins. Couple high fuel prices with our dependence on the trucking industry, how do we move to transition the existing industry framework to save fuel costs without limiting reach?

The SixWheel solution: SixWheel is an electric add-on to your existing truck that converts it into a hybrid. The truck extension can save you 20-30% on fuel costs, while providing an extended range boost of 200 miles. Unlike competitors, it does with no upfront costs and no downtime. The hybridization extension can be swapped out in under the time it takes to refill the tank with gas.

Why we’re investing: SixWheel ushers in a sustainable, greener diesel trucking alternative to the current industry structure and truck design. By joining renewable energy with a shared swap-out solution, SixWheel aims to keep upfront costs low, unlike other integrated battery solutions. This investment will offer our Corporate Partners a pathway for off-grid charging alternatives for recreational vehicles and extend boondocking/off-grid capabilities.


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