TechNexus Adds Multi-faceted ESports Organization, Beastcoast, to Portfolio

Beastcoast is innovating the way gaming and esports content is consumed and monetized.

TechNexus Venture Collaborative is proud to share its recent investment in esports gaming agency, Beastcoast. As a content engine, marketing agency, and professional team all wrapped into one, Beastcoast is focused on scalability, near-term profitability, and sustainability – all of which are some of TechNexus’ core values.

The New York-based startup was founded in 2017, with an emphasis on quality content, entertainment, and community engagement while focusing on players. Co-CEOs, Grant Zinn and Brian Anderson, and the entire Beastcoast team are flipping the esports monetization model on its head. Whereas esports franchises traditionally have relied on sponsorship revenues, Beastcoast is acquiring the rights to the content of its talent roster, and monetizing via advertising revenue generated on streaming/video on-demand platforms. Since its launch, Beastcoast has seen continuous growth with this ad-based approach, and currently has a network of seven titles, twenty-three channels, and twenty-eight professional players that bring in just under 6 million views a month. 

The gaming and esports market is a large and emerging segment that continues to rise in popularity, with an 11.5% increase in viewership estimated for 2022. The TechNexus team is confident that Beastcoast is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth, as their platform offers a stable, unique rights-ownership model to create content, bring in sponsorship revenue, and monetize with ads. This investment in Beastcoast will generate strategic insights for TechNexus’ Corporate Partner, Shure, and advance their development and packaging of audio equipment in the esports market.

“We are so thrilled to partner with Brian, Grant, and the whole Beastcoast team on their mission to revolutionize the esports media landscape,” says TechNexus Analyst, Lewis Burik. “We have great conviction in Beastcoast’s talent-first digital content network approach and are confident they will be making waves in gaming for years to come!”

Beastcoast is rapidly growing and the company is currently hiring. See their open roles here.

To learn more about Beastcoast, visit their website.


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