TechNexus Invests in New Virtual-Live Experience Platform, Headliner

TechNexus Venture Collaborative announces a new investment in the virtual experiences platform, Headliner

Headliner enables artists to go beyond the stage and redefine live entertainment. Initially founded in 2019 as a ticket resale platform, Headliner pivoted in June 2020 amidst the pandemic and launched their own virtual concert experience. They quickly found traction hosting artists like Diplo, Melanie Martinez, Madison Beer, Lil Yachty, and more, building a new brand as one of the most reliable solutions to host online events. 

Throughout 2020, dozens of live streaming platforms emerged to recreate and reinvent the concert experience. However, many of these tools struggled to gain traction due to poor quality experiences or issues with reliability. The TechNexus team is highly impressed with the company because of its innovative approach to developing a low latency streaming solution. Not only is the platform reliable, but it offers an engaging fan experience, allowing music artists and creators to connect directly with their fans.

Virtual concerts are an unavoidable part of our future. Yet, what will be most transformative for the industry is not keeping these events positioned as alternatives or hybrid options tied to in-person events. Headliner envisions a future of high-quality, fully virtual experiences that create an entirely new medium that isn’t constricted by a stage or venue in the physical world.

“We’re excited to partner with Headliner on their journey and have closely monitored the emerging virtual concerts space this past year. We are blown away by the experiences that Headliner can enable, along with their sharp focus on high-quality experiences,” says TechNexus analyst Alison Hennessy.

Live shows are beginning to emerge again in places safe to do so, but the last several months have proven that artists (and fans) are ready and eager to embrace fully virtual events, and emerging audio/video technologies can deliver experiences worth paying for.

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