Beam Health Joins the TechNexus Portfolio

TechNexus Venture Collaborative welcomes digital operations and telehealth platform Beam Health to the portfolio. Helping doctors that run independent practices, the startup’s goal is to decentralize healthcare. With Beam’s online platform, doctors can offer telemedicine, marketing payment collection, and clinic analytics to their patients.

Healthcare is more competitive than it’s ever been. In today’s healthcare landscape, private practices don’t just have to compete with traditional health systems, local hospitals, and small clinics. Instead, they’re competing with vertically integrated telemedicine companies that have raised millions in venture funding. Beam Health helps these practices scale virtually, and doctors build better business models.

“We see a lot of innovation happening at the hospital or health system level and emerging VC-backed health clinics. However, private practices, the backbone of our healthcare system, cannot compete at the point of sale with highly optimized companies like One Medical or PlushCare,” said Sas Ponnapalli, co-founder and CEO of Beam Health.

Beam fills a gap in healthcare, where software solutions are plentiful but limited in offerings and often very complex. The company provides a simple solution that bolsters private practice’s online presence while also assisting them in executing their business goals, ultimately leading to growth. 

Beam Health is a prime example of disruptive innovations born from the venture ecosystem that are shaking up traditional business models and mature industries.  Underscoring the importance for industry incumbents to adapt, collaborate, and learn from the ecosystem versus fear emerging innovations as threats.

“We are ecstatic to partner with Beam Health on their journey and are very impressed by the product they’re building. With steady growth since 2018, we firmly believe that the private practice market needs a solution providing both clinical operations support and telehealth capabilities. TechNexus is happy to take part in that success as the startup moves onward,” says Venture Manager Alison Hennessy

Read more about Beam Health’s recent funding round here.

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