Nothing But Net: ShotTracker Raises $11 Million in Their Latest Financing Round

TechNexus portfolio company, ShotTracker, recently announced an impressive $11 million financing round, led by Verizon Ventures and Evertz Technologies.

Using a patented technology for real-time player tracking to enable automation and AR capabilities for broadcasting, ShotTracker is changing the way broadcasters, players, and fans consume sports data. Real-time analytics are delivered from three different fields of sensors — in the ball, on players’ jerseys, and a 3D mapping of the court. ShotTracker fits in the TechNexus portfolio at the intersection of audio, sports, AR, and the future of automated live events. 

“The impact of tying the cameras to the ShotTracker sensors, in cost savings and in the quality of unique content which then can be delivered, will be dramatic and literally game changing for the sports world,” said COO Davyeon Ross

Kansas City-based ShotTracker was founded in 2013 by Ross and Bruce Ianni and has seen consistent, strong growth over the years. Their tech is being utilized by more than a dozen teams in the NBA and NCAA. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ShotTracker has seen success applying its technology to allow for a more automated broadcasting setup.

This investment shows the continuing trend of digital disruption in the sports industry. With the potential for automated cameras, real-time data collection and distribution, the future of basketball is now and ShotTracker is at the forefront. 

More coverage of their raise can be found on CNBC and Startland News

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