TechNexus Seasoned Startup BBQ – Another Way to Collaborate

At TechNexus, we believe venture collaboration is the best approach to innovation. That means finding, funding and building technology ventures in conjunction with leading corporations and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It acts as a force multiplier for internal innovation activity, curates an entrepreneurial perspective and catalyzes meaningful collaboration between corporate partners and ventures.

With both the structure and economics of traditional industries — from aviation to manufacturing to even commerce — undergoing unprecedented transformation, venture collaboration helps corporations harness this disruption and engage with ventures at scale.

Beyond our work with corporate partners, one way we want to foster that collaboration is by engaging our venture community through targeted get-togethers like this week’s Seasoned Startup BBQ. The event, which will be held the first Tuesday of each month, was the brainchild of TechNexus CEO, Terry Howerton. He envisioned it as a way to assemble experienced entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in a comfortable environment. Guests got the chance to check out the TechNexus Venture Collaboration Center, network with their peers, as well as learn more about our take on venture collaboration.

The full house on Tuesday proved that entrepreneurs from across the Chicago venture ecosystem are interested in this type of collaboration. We were happy to curate conversation amongst a diverse group of mature companies and founders focused on everything from providing office services to small and medium-sized businesses to web optimization, account management software, SaaS solutions and more.

The next Seasoned Startup BBQ will be held on Tuesday, March 7 and is invite only. If you know someone who would like more information about the next TechNexus event or who should be based out of the Collaboration Center, please send us an email at

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