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JJ Oslund

Senior Director

As an eternal optimist, I love working with startup founders who have a vision that they can’t let go of. Starting a company always has its highs and lows, and I think its a VCs job to be a steady partner— offering support in the challenging times and providing a reality check when things are going well.

I believe that founders won’t be able to solve problems that they cannot clearly articulate, that it’s more important to focus on a deep pain-point than a huge market, and that the best startups require me to challenge my assumptions. 

As part of the TechNexus team, I primarily focus on investing in audio, media, and remote collaboration. I enjoy working closely with the founders in our portfolio and serving as a Board Member or Observer for several of our companies, including Rapchat, LANDR, and Insoundz.

Before joining TechNexus, I was part of the founding team at GAN, a network of startup accelerators that spun out of Techstars to help founders around the world build new businesses. During that time, I helped grow GAN’s community of startups and investors, as well as launch its corporate partnership program.

I’m currently pursuing an MBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, but I still find time to go running around my neighborhood in Chicago (Logan Square), devour podcasts and audiobooks, and search for the best coffee shops in any new city I visit, Most importantly, I’m a husband and a father of two kids— Annka and Owen.