Eugene Bock

Senior Analyst

I’ve always been a multi-tasker and enjoyed staying involved with a lot of things, from playing sports and music in high school, to trying out a number of majors and internship experiences before eventually settling on one field of study and deciding on a particular career.

I gravitated towards an investment banking role out of school where I could work with a number of clients on various types of corporate transactions throughout the lifecycle of the firms, being asked to wear many hats as needed. What, then, drew me to TechNexus wasn’t too dissimilar at all – working across several capacities at the firm learning to best marry the concept of corporate innovation through the lens of venture engagement.

At TechNexus, I spend a good chunk of my time thinking and learning about the first response and public safety sector, but my focus isn’t narrowly confined to identifying and evaluating investment opportunities for a particular corporate partner, as might be for a typical venture capital firm. Rather, my engagement spans across corporate growth strategy, investment theses formation, and strategizing potential collaboration activities all under the common goal of bringing the seemingly disparate parties together — large enterprises and lean ventures.