Danielle Wisgowski

For five years, I have functioned as the first face you see when you visit us at TechNexus. The liaison between the public and our ecosystem. If you’re a TechNexus member, event organizer, internal team player or an everyday guest…I’m the person to know. Questions? Answers. Problems? Solutions. Locked yourself out of your office again, Bob? I got it.

Meeting new people and seeing familiar faces around the space is what I love most about TechNexus.  Having the opportunity to create solutions collaboratively, continues to help me grow as a person.

I am a Chicago native, lifelong vegetarian (don’t judge me) and a mother of two. My third child is covered in fur, has four legs and is the most obedient of all three. I love listening to all genres of music, just probably not what you’re listening to. Physical and mental health are very important to me – maybe I’ll see you at the gym?