Daniel White

Vice President

I spent years building corporate-startup partnerships and learned most lessons the hard way.  What frustrated me most was also what kept me going — there was so much potential in combining a startup’s innovation with an enterprise’s reach.  And what drew me to TechNexus was that they’d built a better model to realize that potential.

At TechNexus, my job is to establish new corporate partnerships.  That means talking to corporate leaders about their strategies for insights and growth and seeing how collaborating with ventures could help.  It also means helping on the marketing side — content, social, website and more.  But it’s a big team effort with everyone getting involved in some way.

Before coming to TechNexus, I spent 15 years working in EdTech, mostly at startups but also at a big publisher that acquired the first startup I worked at.  Before all that, I grew up north of Chicago before leaving for Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech and then spending 13 years working in the Bay Area.  I miss those places, but it’s really good to be back in Chicago.