Brendan Karp

Vice President

I have a passion for new ventures, having founded and led the growth of several companies spanning both the enterprise & government markets. I’ve been with TechNexus Venture Collaborative since its inception, and along that journey I’ve worked with both the hundreds of startups we’ve invested in and dozens of corporations we’ve partnered with to develop their growth strategies and invest their capital.

Prior to TechNexus, I founded a white-label fundraising platform for top universities, incubators, accelerators, and nonprofits.  I graduated from the University of Maryland.

I support a number of entrepreneurship and technology related advocacy and education efforts as an advisor to several organizations. I’m also deeply involved in educating and enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs as a director of SmartBet Charities and through efforts at Chicago Tech Academy. Outside of work, my personal passions lie in outdoor recreation and endurance sports — any opportunity to take on another challenge that tests limits.