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We’ve incubated hundreds of ventures, advised dozens of corporations on growth and innovation strategy, and we’re now one of the most active venture investors in the country.  Below you’ll find the latest news from our portfolio companies, our broader ecosystem, and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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The answer to exponential corporate growth 📈

Using a conventional approach, corporations are paying more than they should to develop new products, markets, or revenue streams. Capital can be employed much more effectively using something like Branch Rickey’s farm system.

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Why Build Venture Ecosystems for Growth?

A true Venture Ecosystem is a network of interconnected corporations and startups, engaging as a collaborative community to sustain and grow.

If built properly with specific, actionable goals defined, a highly-effective bespoke ecosystem becomes a resounding platform of leadership for the corporation. It becomes the lynchpin in an interwoven set of relationships that fosters common interests, innovation, and revenue growth.

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Why Venture Collaboration is the Future of Corporate R&D

What can venture capital firms offer startups? Money, foremost. Mentorship, usually. Publicity, street cred, and validation are typically part of the deal. What’s missing in the traditional VC model may be why many startups fail: critical strategic services. Instead, early …

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Brunswick is accelerating its Business Acceleration Unit
Streem acquires U.K. computer vision startup Selerio to bring ‘smart AR’ to phone cameras
Mountain West Signs Five-Year Deal to Use ShotTracker Analytics
Here’s why Danny Gardner of Mesh++ is one of Crain’s Chicago Business’ 20 In Their 20s
Venture-Enabled Innovation: How Behemoths and Startups Will Change the World
Cannes: MTonomy Offers Sales Agents Blockchain-Based Rights Management System
A new company will give podcasters up to $50,000 to help them grow
Trint, the AI-powered transcription service, closes $4.5M Series A
Fred Hoch of TechNexus Venture Collaborative | Bootstrapping in America
Disney, Brie Larson Trainer Share ‘Captain Marvel’ Workout on Fitness App
LANDR Brings Music Mastering to the Cloud, Helping Major Labels & Bedroom Acts Alike
AI Is About To Take The Ship’s Helm Away From Humans
Netflix of Blockchain: MTonomy Brings Streaming Video to Ethereum
Streem raises more cash for AR-powered home improvement tech, hints at larger vision
Sea Machines Conducts Live Transcontinental Autonomy Demonstrations