Biotech Book Club: What's your Bio Strategy?

Date: February 05
Time: 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Rooms:Conference Room CD
Organizer: ChiTwon Bio open_in_new


We're very excited to be announcing our next book for our book club. We've chosen "What's Your Bio Strategy? How to Prepare Your Business for Synthetic Biology". The book is a series of interviews with luminaries in the field of synthetic biology such as Pam Silver, Craig Venter, Christina Agapakis, and George Church. The book has perspectives from industry, academia, and even bioart, with discussions of how synthetic biology will be an altering force in our future economy and society. The two authors are John Cumbers Ph.D., the founder of SynBioBeta, and Karl Schmieder M.S./M.F.A., the founder of messagingLAB, both leaders in helping connect industry and synthetic biology/the life sciences.

We're also proud to announce that TechNexus is hosting our event. TechNexus is a company that is dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and strategists in order to build the Chicago of tomorrow. We can't think of a better way to combine forces than to discuss how the emerging field of Synthetic Biology is a potential game-changing opportunity for the life sciences here in the Midwest. TechNexus has provided rooms C and D. The rooms will open after 5, but our discussion will begin at 6. 

Join us for a discussion of both this exciting book and the implications it suggests for the future of biotechnology in Chicago.

  • Date:

    February 05

  • Time:

    06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

  • Rooms:

    Conference Room CD

  • Organizer:

    ChiTwon Bio open_in_new