Practical Mindfulness: reduce stress, build resilience and create flow

Date: September 27
Time: 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM


There is a blossoming number of accomplished professionals who are leveraging mindful practices to become healthier, happier and more productive. This interactive workshop is designed to shed light on the latest scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs in wellness & performance, as well as, teach participants the practical tools and techniques to reduce stress, build resilience and create more flow[1].

This workshop will uncover:

The profound connection between emotions, stress, and resilience 

How to shift from a state of tension into a state of ease

Biofeedback: a look into our physiology when we (consciously) shift into an optimized state

Skilled vs. unskilled emotions

Mindfulness and Flow hacking techniques

New science and technology

Workshop topics and outline:

1. What's stress and the difference between "good vs. bad"? What is mindfulness and how does it connect to stress reduction, resilience, and flow?  

2. Emotional Intelligence primer: how do our emotions affect our health, happiness, and performance? We will use a research-based tool and framework to help you create more emotional awareness and agility in your life. 

3. Biofeedback demo (to measure heart coherence in real time). We will practice simple, evidence-based techniques that diminish stress toxicity, build resilience and create flow. All tools and strategies are practical and can be applied immediately.  

4. Conclude with a Q&A, action planning, and a takeaway roadmap that will serve as your launch code. 

[1] In a 10-year study conducted by McKinsey and Company, researchers found that if we can increase the time spent in flow by 15%, workplace productivity would almost double. McKinsey, 2013

  • Date:

    September 27

  • Time:

    06:00 PM - 07:30 PM