Debate Club Live Chicago: A Discussion on the Future of Product Management

Date: August 16
Time: 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Organizer: open_in_new


McKinsey recently called product management the new training ground for tech CEOs. Why? Because great product design and innovation are necessary for category leadership.

Join us on August 16 for a debate on some of the most controversial questions in product! Should product managers have a technical background? Are PMs really the CEO of the product? Who should product managers report to? What are the guideposts on the path to the C-suite? Who has final say on product design? How can product and design teams co-exist and collaborate effectively? 

Strong opinions, thorny questions. A ton of product expertise on one stage. It's bound to be fun and enlightening. And there will be drinks. 

Seats are limited. Save your spot now! 

Can't make the live debate? Check out our weekly debates on ProductCraft.


The Herbarium

150 North Halsted Street 

Chicago, IL 60661