Oh Shift! You don’t have 10 years, you have 2.

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Here’s something you may not know, 2 out of 5 people consider themselves to be a Content Creator according to a recent study conducted by Shure Inc., a TechNexus Venture Collaborative corporate partner. This is a dramatic shift, unlike any before. Companies used to have 10 years to adapt and change, now, you’re lucky if you get two. 

An Endless Knowledge Base

Big ideas don’t fall from the sky corporations that make a legitimate effort to engage with ventures will gain valuable insight about consumers and their industry that competition might miss. When looking to innovate, traditional methods like R&D or M&A are both options that may yield a result, but TechNexus believes there’s a better way.

Cue the Venture Ecosystem

It’s not about how much money you throw at a startup or how many innovation events you sponsor, it’s about truly engaging with ventures in a mutually beneficial, collaborative process that yields growth for both parties. Communities are to creators what venture ecosystems are to corporations. At TechNexus, we see what happens when corporations only engage with early-stage ventures at a surface level, time and money wasted for an average to below-average result. The answer is venture-enabled innovation. 

Invest in Real Growth

TechNexus understands that companies can feel stuck whether it’s due to cultural, economic, or financial reasons but the reality is that disruption is already here. Change can be a bit nerve-wracking but it is also something to embrace. Creators at the forefront of the Creator Economy have figured it out — it’s about true collaboration. It’s about community. It’s about having an ecosystem to dip into for valuable insights leading to growth. Corporations that take note will thrive and those that don’t will be forgotten about in a couple of years.


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