Social Impact Pop-up Lab

  • Date:

    September 14

  • Time:

    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Organizer:

    Moves The Needle, Inc open_in_new


We have spent the last 30-combined years wearing all types of hats in the social impact sector and working for a range of causes. Through all our different endeavors, we continually saw a tremendous need to work smarter not harder, and eliminate the waste in how we create social change.

Now, as co-founders and co-directors of Moves The Needle Nonprofit & Social Impact Programs, we coach and support nonprofit, government, social enterprise, higher education, and philanthropic organizations all over the US on how to adapt and operationalize innovative strategies to create deeper social impact while reducing waste and uncertainty.

Please join us at the Social Impact Pop-up Lab on Thursday, September 14th to learn some tips and tricks about how to drive deeper social impact within your organization.

We help organizations who want to act bolder, move faster, and be more connected to those they serve. The Lean Innovation framework is for professionals and organizations that want to vet opportunities, stay relevant, and create impactful, sustainable, and responsive programs and services, without wasting limited time and resources.

You will leave this lab with:

Why we need to innovate the social impact sector now

How to infuse your work with empathy to drive change

How to identify and test assumptions for any new idea

Ways to overcome organizational barriers to innovation

This will be a fun, interactive event, with time allotted for networking, sharing, and exploring opportunities for collaboration. Seats are limited as we are keeping the event small and collegial for nonprofit and social impact professionals. Light refreshments will be provided.



237 South Desplaines Street

Chicago, IL 60661

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