Our Venture Collaborative Method

  • Align Strategy with Startups

    Align your strategic priorities within the global landscape of emerging technology


    • Develop a platform for external innovation
    • Proactively engage and partner with ventures
    • Access disruptive technologies aligned with your business
    • Influence product and technology development 

  • Source, Filter and Incubate New Technologies

    Evaluate and engage with ventures earlier in the process, at scale


    • Find untapped startup opportunities
    • Distill the venture ecosystem into actionable partners 
    • Foster new companies to pilot
    • Lead your industry in rolling out new technology

  • Invest​ ​Early​ ​in​ ​Emerging​ ​Technologies

    Create a roadmap to act on new technologies and markets


    • Proactively identify opportunities
    • Build a case and plan for action
    • Test technologies from the venture ecosystem
    • Access capital-efficient R&D

  • Discover New Markets and Efficiencies

    Drive impact and capture value by engaging the venture ecosystem the right way


    • Bridge the gap to early stage ventures
    • Leverage pilots to accelerate development
    • Achieve high strategic return with low financial risk
    • Grow with speed and agility at scale

Venture enabled innovation aligns the incentives of both enterprises and ventures. With TechNexus as your advocate, we’re as invested as you are in driving growth.

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