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Entrepreneurs. Investors. Strategists. TechNexus aligns startups and enterprises to drive commercial activity that solves real world problems. Venture collaboration improves the reach, speed and effectiveness of innovation.

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  • Market Validation 
  • Access to Strategic Capital 
  • Develop & Incubate with Customers
  • Accelerate Pilots & Customer Acquisition

We open the door to the customers, new market opportunities and capital that you need to scale.

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Venture Enabled Innovation

  • Align Strategy with Venture Activity
  • Source and Incubate New Technologies
  • Invest Earlier in Emerging Technology
  • Discover New Markets and Efficiencies

We help enterprises see around corners and partner with ventures in ways you can't do on your own.

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The Fourth Edge in Early Stage VC

Beyond Richard Fuller's argument that framed the way competitive advantage is gained in investing and identified three primary sources of potential market outperformance for S-1s and 10-ks: informational, analytical, and behavioral, Brett notes a fourth source that applies to the early stage venture market: strategic. Brett dives into how early stage investment differs from traditional investing in this piece.

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Lessons CEOs Can Learn From Media

Innovation is hard. It requires having a finger on the pulse of what makes your customers happy now, while also keeping an ear to the ground for tremors of what technology is to come. Yes, you’ve got data scientists, teams of tech and innovation scouts, maybe even a corporate venture capital arm, all of which are there to help you manage the present and the future. But it’s still hard. One example of just how difficult it can be to constantly scour the tech landscape for what’s next can be seen through media.

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The Future of Retail - How Technology is Changing The Industry

Retail growth is a key indicator of economic health in America. Technology enables the industry to continue to thrive by allowing consumers to spend more easily and business to manage their processes more efficiently. From back to school surges to Black Friday and Cyber Monday blowouts, fourth quarter makes or breaks the industry. There are many factors underlying that massive growth and profit, but one of the most important is how technology is transforming the retail industry. Here's some of what retail CEOs can expect to see in the next several years.

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